BMW OEM C650GT C600 Sport Luggage Compartment Partition Kit

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Product Description

-Dividing compartment into 2 parts (front/rear) for carrying small objects.
-Snap fasteners for quick and easy installation and removal.
-When not in use the partition net can be stowed away in the luggage compartment under the seat or in the front stowage compartment (takes up very little space).
-Also possible in combination with the Sport or Exclusive seat.
-Attachment: S-p fasteners for securing the partition net. On the C600 Sport the s-p fasteners are secured to the luggage box by threaded fasteners, and on the C650GT they are secured to the rear frame by means of Velcro fasteners.
-Material: Functional neoprene.
-Color: Black.
-BMW Motorrad logo printed in silver.