DIMOTIV Downtown 350 / J300 Side Stand Enlarger

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  •  J300 2015-2016 


  • Downtown 350 2015-2016


After seeing many imitations of previous designs, DIMOTIV has taken the Side Stand Enlargerdesign to the next level

DIMOTIV Side Stand Enlarger with a surface increased by more than 100%  provide safe support for your bike on all surfaces, also compensate for the propensity angle of the motorcycle.

Our Side Stand Enlargers are assiduously researched, tested, engineered and stylishly designed to easily install in your bike , in addition with a external machined teeth for easy fold out enhancing safety without affecting original parts and handling characteristics any drilling or cutting is necessary.

DIMOTIV Side Stand Enlarger is securely attached to the original stand plate side stand, which is made of light weight 6061-T6 aluminum alloy, harder and durable material. Anodized in 3 stylish color options Gold, Titanium or Black, rustproof and finished with a special transparent coating avoiding color loose under any weather conditions.

The highlighted groove was strategically designed to not only increase the friction but also drain the rain away, keeping weight down by removing unnecessary material from the bottom plate. Avoiding bike fallen by rainy ground and keeping the weight of the side stand enlarger down is critical because any added weight to your side stand can lead to the side stand dropping during a ride.

With DIMOTIV SIDE STAND ENLARGER you won't need to keep looking for driftwood or rock, as it is sure footed, also it helps on hot asphalt and secure your side stand not sinking into the dirt.