DIMOTIV K-XCT Downtown 300 350 Front Axle Slider

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Application chart :

1. This listing of front axle slider fits:
- KXCT-300i 11-16
-DownTown 300 10-16
-DownTown 350 15-16

2. The guard is composed of 6061-T6 aluminum alloy base with POM, which is wearable and has good sliding ability.

3. Aluminum base is with 6061-T6, the strength, hardness, flexibility and percentage prolongation of the base are all better than those of average 6061 ones.

4. Anodized color with special transparent coating, which is even, with the feature of not losing color easily under any weather factors.

5. POM material (Polyoxymethylene) is wearable. Weather factor will not deteriorate it in quality. The life expectancy is prolonged. Solely changeable.

6. White iron bolt, which ensures that it will not go rust easily under bad weather condition.

7. No modification needed.