Dog House rear brake disc 245mm upgrade kit Cygnus Gryphus

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2020 GRYPHUS / BW'S (Zumba) dedicated rear brake booster

Price content:
245mm enlarged brake disc + 84mm rear brake caliper adapter

245mm enlarged rear disc Introduction:
*The thickness of the disc is 4mm to extend the life cycle
*Hardness HRC35 ±3, high durability
*Minimal and neat design
*Best vent distribution + high efficiency dust exhaust line design

Introduction of brake caliper adapter:
New design adapter
*Accurate fit is basic, appearance is self-requirement
*Multi-level sense of mechanical structure
*multiple colour

Applicable models::
BW'S ZUMA  2020~

Made in Taiwan

Recommended 84mm brake calipers:
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Brembo CNC 84mm rear brake caliper
FRANDO 9GA 2 Piston 84mm Caliper
FRANDO F-901 2 Piston CNC 84mm Caliper
Baphomet CNC 84mm rear brake caliper