TBSS KYMCO AK550 mobile phone holder multi-function integrated system

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1:Base made in Taiwan
2:PD3 from ram mount (Made in USA)
3:For AK550 all year
4:All prices include BASE

PD3 Suitable phone size is:
(A)Original PD3:(L)11cm~14.5cm*(W)6~8.5cm *(H)1~1.8cm
(B) PD3 with long hook:(L)12cm~16.5cm*(W)6~8.5cm *(H)1~1.8cm

(C) PD3 with very long hook:(L)14cm~18.5cm*(W)6~8.5cm *(H)1~1.8cm

How to use:

About expanding the left side bracket:

This bracket is used to stand other electronic devices, such as tire pressure gauges, etc...