MOS Rear Fender for Yamaha XMAX

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  • Made of 100% High-End High-Quality 3K Japanese carbon fiber.
  • With epoxy resin and covered with American essential oil which has UV protection properties and gives a glossy surface finish on the product.
  • Manufacturing process: Vacuum (VARTM).
  • Pattern: Twill weave.
  • Made in Taiwan (High-Quality standards and High-Quality-Control).
  • Fits perfectly on the motorcycle.

Installation Procedure:

  • We highly recommend to ask a professional or technician to make the installation of the rear fender, to avoid any imporper installation or damage on the product or scooter.
  • For safety reasons, the scooter must be cold, especially the muffler.
  • Check the attached pictures for location references.
  1. Remove the exhaust pipe’s muffler.
  2. Remove the flange bolt that is holding the rear brake hose’s clamp that goes to the rear brake caliper, then separate the clamp from the swing arm (rear brake hose’s clamp image).
  3. Remove both flange bolts holding the rear brake caliper support bracket from the swing arm, and move away the rear brake caliper. (rear brake caliper image).
  4. Remove the flange bolt holding the rear right shock absorber on the swing arm, and separate the rear right shock absorber from the swing arm. (rear arm and shock absorber image).
  5. Remove the first tapping screw (from right to left) of the intake cover (Intake image).
  6. Loosen the breather pipe from the crankcase (crankcase image).
  7. Remove the flange bolt that is left-hand to the breather pipe on the crankcase cover 3 (crankcase cover image).
  8. Locate the rear fender on the tire and make the 4 pre-drilled holes to match the location of the flange bolts holes.
  9. Install back the rear brake caliper.
  10. Install back the rear brake caliper hose clamp, the flange bolt that was holding the clamp now will hold the fender and clamp. You have two pre-drilled holes on the fender, so can adjust it easier.
  11. Install back the flange bolt of the crankcase cover 3 (which now will hold the rear fender), remember to put a nut in the other side of the flange bolt to hold rear fender.
  12. Install back all the other bolts and parts you removed from the scooter.
  13. Double check you didn’t miss or forget any part you removed from the scooter.


  • Yamaha:
    • X-MAX 300 (2017-2019)
    • X-MAX 250 (2018-2019)