Polini Air Filter for Yamaha T-Max

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    For YAMAHA TMAX 2012~2016

    Polini Motori has designed three new air filters for Yamaha TMax scooters.
    Two filters are for the intake system: one for the TMax with carburetor produced between
    2004 and 2007, and one for the injection model sold starting from 2008.
    The third Polini air filter is for the variator belt transmission cover.
    This filter is able to purify the air increasing the flow in the variator area. This feature
    substantially improves the cooling of the variator.
    All the three new Polini air filters are made of a special cotton cloth with long multilayer
    structure lubricated with a special low viscosity product that improves the air permeability.
    They assure a more air flow compared to the standard “paper filter”.
    They limit the loss of the air flow pressure that goes through the filter.
    They are really performing since they assure the maximum power output.
    Designed with CAD CAM
    Developed during the races on track.
    They are light and strong
    Produced in one pressing without gluing in the corners that may cause breakings.
    Protection net made of a resin which is really high resistant to the petrol’s vapors and to the
    oxidation caused by the air humidity.
    The material used to produce these filters comes from the USA technology dedicated to the
    Formula 1 and Formula Indy