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100% Made in Italy

POLINI EVOLUTION HI-SPEED VARIATOR FOR YAMAHA TMax 530 Less than one year has passed since the presentation of the first Polini HI Speed variator for the legendary Yamaha TMax took place and Polini is ready with a second variator even more racing and full of novelties. The new Evolution HI-SPEED variator is a masterpiece of technology and research. You will immediately notice the fix half pulley and the driven “Air Speed” half pulley designed with different degrees to let the belt increase its excursion. The compression spring, with the anti-torsion EVO Slider system, has a 34% increased load compared to the previous one. Two series lighter rollers are included in the package. The new extraordinary patented lubricating system enables exciting efficiency and performance without giving up maximum reliability. Piston pin made of chromed nickel with the lowest friction coefficient: it features the DLC carbon treatment for racing and aircraft applications dedicated to the sliding and high wear components. It has a big internal pocket that contains the grease, inside of which there is a special spring that allows a constant grease distribution on the pin even during the hardest conditions of use. Thrilling driving thanks to these features; more acceleration and speed are within everyone’s reach.