VIXE TMAX 500 530 Single-arm rear fender

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This product includes:
Rear arm +Rear fender + License plate bracket

Product function characteristic:
Rear fender can effectively block the mud spray, It can adjustable angle.
You can use in accordance with your needs..(Rear fender +number plate) Or (only Rear fender)(only number plate)

Product quality:
Aluminum alloy material AL6061, strengthen toughness
42000psi (290Mpa), V strength 35000psi (241Mpa).

Surface treatment:
Use anodized aluminum film thickness to prevent further oxidation, increased hardness Hv 75 ~ 125.
, The surface layer of bright aluminum and corrosion-resistant surface, because the surface is formed of a porous nature, has excellent permeability,There are a variety of color changes, the appearance is the best protection process.