COVID-19 interim policy

Because COVID-19 caused the interruption of air transportation, most countries have stopped transportation services.
At present, due to the COVID-19 relationship, each country has tightened border management.
In some countries, parcels may not be processed until 14 days in the customs warehouse. If you are urgent, please do not place orders.Post office updates have been lagging too. We seek your patience and understanding during this difficult time.

We only can provide services in the following countries now:

United States
-(Excluding Guam, Hawaii, and other overseas territories)
Only open EMS express,Other shipping options removed.
The U.S. Border Administration and Customs may require buyers to show seller information. This is a new regulation. If consumers in the United States need help, please contact us.


South Korea




United Kingdom

-(Does not include Martinique )
-(Reunion please contact your local dealer)
-(Does not include Polynesia)


Germany (start on June 10)

Australia (Only open EMS express , start on July 9)

Czech Republic(Only open EMS express , start on July 24)

Sweden(Only open EMS express , start on July 24)

Poland(Only open EMS express , start on July 24)

Switzerland (Only open EMS express , start on July 24)

Belgium(Only open EMS express , start on July 24)

Vietnam (start on August 3)

Indonesia (start on August 3)

New Zealand(Only open EMS express start on August 26)

Canada (Only open EMS express start on November 30)

Denmark (start on November 30)

Italy (Only open EMS express start on December 22)

Philippines (Only open EMS express start on December 22)

Poland (Only open EMS express start on December 22)

United Kingdom will stop sending orders again after December 27, 2020, because the flights between Taiwan and United Kingdom will be reduced to no longer deliver goods.

Your country is not on the above shipping list ,"do not place orders"!
If you still place the order, we will deduct 4.7% PAYPAL fee and 
ours packing cost 8.8 % (total 13.5%)Then refund.
The world plague situation is getting worse,
Many countries cannot provide delivery services in the short term.
Due to the suspension of international flights, the cargo space is reduced.
If your country is no longer listed.
This means it cannot be shipped!
Therefore we will not accept your order!