Terms & Conditions

A. Conclusion of contract.

A-1. The presentation of merchandise in our internet shop does not represent any legally binding contractual offer on our part, but is instead a non-binding invitation to the consumer to order goods.  This site is subject to errors and mistakes, particularly with regard to availability of products. Sales only take place as long as supplies last. Only if you order from our online shop will you receive an order confirmation by email. However, this does not constitute our acceptance of your order, but only informs you that we have received your order. Only after confirmation of availability from TBSS Taiwan does a sales contract come about.

A-2 The order confirmation that the consumer or entrepreneur receives by email after successfully placing an order via the TBSS Taiwan Online shop is an automatically generated proof of issue of an offer.

A-3 Offer acceptance follows upon successful shipment confirmation or written acceptance of the order statement by TBSS Taiwan

A-4.TBSS Taiwan does not offer products for sale to minors. All of the products we offer can only be ordered by customers of legal age or with the consent of their legal representative.

B. Delivery.

B-1. Upon orders via the TBSS Taiwan online shop you will receive an order confirmation by email.

B-2. Each order will be considered a single order; bulk orders are not possible. TBSS Taiwan only sends those parts together that are from a single order.

B-3. TBSS Taiwan ships only by post to your home address. Deliveries to PO boxes or packet stations are not possible.(Processing method is the same as B-13)(PAYPAL Seller Protection Policy)

B-4. The buyer must provide the correct address,Due to the buyer to provide the wrong address will be borne by the buyer.

B-5. For articles listed as backorder that exceed a delivery term of 50 days, the consumer may withdraw from the contract.
B-6. In case of contract withdrawal as per B-5, TBSS Taiwan will refund the consumer’s overpayment, at the latest within 5 days.

B-7. TBSS Taiwan will inform the consumer by email of any delays.

B-8. If an article is no longer available, TBSS Taiwan will strive to offer a replacement article of the same quality and characteristics (Encryption of parts numbers). If this is not possible, TBSS Taiwan will refund the purchase price of the relevant article.

B-9. The risk of damage to the goods to be delivered or their loss remains with TBSS Taiwan until the consumer receives the package.

B-10. Should the consumer receive a damaged package he should refuse it; otherwise TBSS Taiwan assumes no liability for defective contents.

B-11. Damaged or defective items must be reported to TBSS Taiwan within 24 hours of delivery with the help of the completed RMA (Return Material Authorization) Warranty Returns . The standard processing time for complaints is 24-48 business hours. In case of a legitimate complaint, TBSS TAIWAN will send you the documents required for returning goods by email. RMA documents are to be enclosed with the return; otherwise, processing is not possible.

B-12. Unless expressly agreed otherwise, we determine the appropriate manner of shipping and the forwarder according to our reasonable discretion.

B-13 Status of freight and fees loss due to consumers:
1) The package were not taken out during the time, cause the package to be return.
2) Failure to pay the customs duty generated by the receiving country, Cause the parcel to be return.
3) No reason to reject the receipt package.
4) The wrong address and telephone/phone number left by the buyer .
5) Customs clearance failed because of buyer leaving false recipient information.

If the above circumstances occur after,when we receive a returned package after, we will deduct shipping costs (this includes sent and return) and PAYPAL fee 4.7% with packaging costs 8.8% of the total amount of the order then refund.(Total 13.5%),And exchange rate loss between the buyer and its bank is borne by the buyer.

B-14 Cancel order
After we accept the order, if the buyer has to cancel the order for their own reasons, it is allowed in principle before we send the goods, but must pay 4.7% PAYPAL fee and 5.5% handling fee of the total order amount. 10.2%.

C. Warranty.

C-1. Your order is subject to the statutory provisions; thereafter you are authorised as buyer to demand correction of damage or delivery of undamaged goods as secondary fulfilment that is free of charge to you for goods that were damaged when you received them, this is to say that the goods will be corrected without problems or completely replaced. If unreasonable costs would occur in association with the secondary fulfilment variant that you choose, we are authorised to refuse this and choose a different variant, if this is not also associated with unreasonably high costs. According to law, the warranty period is one years from your receipt of the goods as our customer.

C-2. Defects or damage that can be traced back to wrongful or inexpert handling or incorrect installation or use of unsuitable accessories or changes in the original parts by the customer or a third party contracted by him are excluded from warranty.

C-3. Normal wear and tear is also excluded from the warranty.(Such as brake pads, belts, transmission parts, tires... etc.)

C-4. The customer must immediately inspect the goods or service for possible damage or defects. If a defect, an incorrect delivery or a quantity error is demonstrated on inspection, , the customer must immediately connection TBSS Taiwan perform follow-up Warranty Returns processing.

C-5. If the customer fails to make this report, the goods or service are considered to have been approved, unless what is concerned is a defect that was not recognisable on inspection or if such a significant deviation of the delivered goods/service or the delivery quantity of the order exists that TBSS Taiwan must consider the approval of the customer as being ruled out.

C-6. Should such a defect be noted later, the customer must send a photo report immediately after the discovery, as otherwise the goods are considered to have been approved even with said defect.

C-7. The warranty period for new goods is 1 years. This period begins with delivery of the goods or readiness of the goods to be picked up.

C-8. For the rest, the warranty applies in the context of statutory requirements.

C-9. We only accept liability for loss other than through damage to life, limb and health if this is based upon intentional or grossly negligent action or imputable violation of a significant contractual obligation by us or our agents. Any more extensive liability for damages is ruled out. The provisions of product liability law remain uncompromised.

C-10 If a significant contractual obligation is negligently infringed upon, our liability is limited to the foreseeable contractually typical average loss.

D.Liability for damages.

D-1 Our liability for negligence (except gross negligence) is limited in case of delay in delivery to an amount of 10% of the relevant purchase price (including VAT).

D-2 We are not liable (on any legal grounds) for loss that would typically not have been expected in view of the nature of the current order and the goods under normal use. Also excluded is our liability for loss due to data loss, if its recovery is not possible or is difficult due to absent or insufficient data backup. The above liability limitations do not apply in cases of intent or gross negligence.

E. Privacy policy.

E-1 We protect customer data against the access of third parties. The data necessary for processing transactions are stored and processed as per the 個人資料保護法/Personal Data Protection Act. The order data are stored and used for order processing and only with the explicit consent of the customer for advertising purposes. Consent may be revoked at any time by simply notifying info.taiwanbigscootshop@gmail.com.

E-2 Webtracking
On this website information about the surfing behaviour of website visitors is collected anonymously and stored for marketing purposes. These data are stored using so-called ‘cookie’ text files on your computer and allow us to analyse surfing behaviour in an anonymous way. For example, from which city a website visitor comes, what type of browser and operating system he uses, and which pages he has visited on the website. In no case may the data thus collected be used to personally identify the visitors to this website. The collected data are only used to increase what we offer. For this reason all IP addresses are abbreviated, so that IP addresses are only processed in anonymous form. No other use or disclosure to third parties takes place.

F. Choice of law.
This contract is subject to 消費者保護法 Taiwan Consumer Protection Act.