3RF Rear Wheel Axle Sleeve For KRV 180 Chain

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3RF KRV-180 Moto Rear Wheel Axle Sleeve (For Chain Ver.)
Effectively improve driving stability
It is recommended to use 3RF engine hanger, engine core bushing, and front wheel stabilizer bushing to strengthen the chassis

Product features:
The increased contact area of the shaft sleeve and the rocker arm are stably fitted, so that the rocker arm can move reliably and the rear wheel traces more accurately

Commodity material:
SU304 material processing: avoid potential difference, cold welding of shaft sleeve and rocker arm

Installation instructions |
The laser mark 〈KRV-MOTO〉 is located on the side of the chainring
Laser mark 〈KRV-180〉 is located on the brake disc

The price is a pair
Made in Taiwan