ANCHOR ANB-7 CNC Torque/Lever Rage Ratio Adjustable Master Cylinder

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ANB-7 specifications:
Master cylinder body: CNC forged aluminum alloy
Cylinder body color: black
Tie rod color: black (all are foldable tie rods)
Piston size: 14mm, 15mm, 17mm, ★19mm
Piston material: aluminum alloy
Contents: ANB-7 master cylinder and tie rod group X1, oil cup (brown oil cup) bracket group X1, rearview mirror seat X1, oil pressure switch group X1

★Right side: 18mm>18/20 (multi-stage adjustment possible / silver knob)
★Left: Lever rage ratio can not be adjusted at 16mm, no silver adjustment knob.

※ Note: The left side only has 16mm leverage ratio specifications (not adjustable), and the right only has 18mm leverage ratio specifications (adjustable)
※ Left/Right-Adjust the opening of the lever (golden knob)
Made in Taiwan