ANCHOR ANC-43 CNC P4 Rear Brake Caliper For SMAX Majesty S Force

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FOR YAMAHA FORCE, SMAX, SMAX (ABS). Majesty S (ABS) rear caliper lock point special manufacturing.

No need for additional special adapters, directly replace the original brake calipers, the easiest way to improve braking performance.

The body material is made of aluminum alloy [forging] material, which is super strong and does not deform, and uses CNC machine for secondary processing.

Applicable vehicle types: FORCE, SMAX, SMAX (ABS), Majesty S,Majesty S (ABS).
Piston size: 27mm*2 / 30mm*2
Deflation/deflation screw: 1.25mm
Brake pad material: metal burnt pad
Installation position: rear wheel

※ Corresponding brake pad model: UB01 (ceramic/metal burnt)

Made in Taiwan