Baphomet 84mm rear brake caliper base/adapter for MAXSYM TL

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  • $199

Commodity description:
Suitable for original brake disc size
Made in Taiwan
Corresponding to 84mm brake calipers

Recommended 84mm brake calipers:
Brembo Casting 84mm rear brake caliper
Brembo CNC 84mm rear brake caliper
FRANDO 9GA 2 Piston 84mm Caliper
FRANDO F-901 2 Piston CNC 84mm Caliper
Baphomet CNC 84mm rear brake caliper

※The oil pipe must also be replaced when replacing this product
※The price does not include the brake calipers in the picture
※The price is a set of 84mm brake caliper base/adapter

Applicable vehicle types:
SYM TL500 all year