Brembo 15 RCS brake master cylinder

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The Brembo 15RCS brake master cylinder is suited to all bikes that use a single brake disc configuration.

This brake master cylinder is universal & will adapt to most popular major bike brands without any modification. Brake lever is included.(FOLDING LONG LEVER )

Included accessories:
  • Brake sensor switch * 1
  • Tubing screw * 1
  • Short tubing * 1
  • Screw washer * 2
  • Temperature sticker * 2
  • Original oil cup * 1
  • Oil Cup Holder * 1
  • Original warranty * 1
  • Instructions * 1

    Technical Information

    • The Brembo RCS forged radial brake master cylinder offers a choice between powerful or progressive braking, depending on road conditions , weather conditions or personal rider preferences.
    • Thanks to its innovative adjustment system , this patented brake master cylinder ( derived directly from MotoGP versions ) 
    • means that the same master cylinder can be adapted to different and highly demanding rider applications/conditions.
    • Developed with the intention of transferring MotoGP and Superbike technology to a wider audience of enthusiats at an affordable price.
    • ​The RCS comprises of locator whereby it is possible to change the lever ratio to 18 or 20mm. 
    • By changing the ratio , the brakes can be made more responsive and faster (20mm) or more modular and progresive (18mm )
    • The change of configuration is very quick with the eccentric system ( red on 18mm or black on 20mm ) 
    • A simple screwdriver can adjust the lever ratio by turning the locator on the front 180 degrees. 
    • This changes the braking force and feel without effecting raw power.
    • The small piston , seals & cap of the RCS master cylinders are the same as used by almost all MotoGP and Superbike riders, characterised by very tight maching tolerances and optimal smoothness.
    • For road use a microswitch is supplied with the RCS for the brake light illumination