TechPulley X2 KISS High Occlusal Clutch

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  1. TechPulley Kiss Clutch–X2
  • Decreasing the heat exhaustion, vibration, and fuel and power consumption
  • Easily to determine the rev of full release, half clutch and clutch-in timing.

CS (Clutch Spring): determine the rev at which the clutch shoes fly out to touch the clutch bell.

PS (Pillow Spring): determine the actuation timing of the push pin mechanism to get the fully engagement.


Clutch spring
lower the initial engaged rpm
higher the initial engaged rpm
Pillow spring
lower the fully engaged rpm
higher the fully engaged rpm
  • Better engine response, stronger grip force.
  • No more deformed and blued clutch bell.
  • Improving the acceleration performance and engine response when re-acceleration.
  • Better steel quality, simple clutch structure, weightless body, easy to dis/assemble and adjustment clutch.
  1. TechPulley Kiss Clutch–X2 Basic
>>Basic is for beginner/user (no PS options)
>>Clutch tuning more easier
>>Clutch slippage much less
>>Grip force much stronger
>>Clutch bell overheating much reduced

New Yamaha 2020~ZUMA And CYGNUS GRYPHUS is X2 125mm-A, same NMAX and SMAX(Majesty S).