DIMOTIV DRG aluminum handle tube holder base

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DIMOTIV DRG aluminum handle tube holder base.

Matta black

Product features and function description:
Street bikes usually have a more forward riding posture, which is designed to reduce wind resistance. However, long-term riding is likely to cause burden on the waist and hands, so many riders choose to raise the rider's height to adjust the riding posture. DIMOTIV has designed a driver's heightened (rearward) seat for each model. It is installed straight up without any modification, which makes the riding posture more backward and reduces the burden on the waist and hands.

Material: This product is made of 6061-T6 aluminum-magnesium alloy.
Applicable vehicle types:
DRG 19-20

Price is set (including "28H90W725" black aluminum alloy handle tube)

Made In Taiwan