DIMOTIV DRG Front fork slider AD

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product name:
DIMOTIV DRG Front fork slider AD

It has the following characteristics:
1. Shock absorption: It can absorb the impact of reversing and effectively protect the car body.
2. High rigidity: strong hardness and high wear resistance.
3. Low friction coefficient: low friction coefficient can effectively reduce the chance of bouncing and overturning the car body due to excessive friction.
This product is fixed on the rear wheel rocker arm with an aluminum alloy tensioner, which does not affect the operation of the original rocker arm and wheel frame at all. The exquisitely carved plastic steel cover, in addition to being protective, can also enhance the overall visual effect of the car.

product's colour:
Black / gold / gray / red / blue / green

product quality:
6061-T6 aluminum magnesium alloy

Surface treatment method:
General anodizing

Installation Notes:
1. After passing the fixing screw through the sphere and the plastic steel cover, combine it with an aluminum alloy tensioner
2. Remove the plastic cover of the original rear rocker arm
3. Put the product into the hole, use tools to lock it to complete the installation

If the plastic steel and components are damaged and can be used separately, they can be purchased separately, no need to re-purchase

Applicable car models:
DRG 19-20

Made In Taiwan