DIMOTIV DRG Headlight Protection Cover

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DIMOTIV DRG Headlight protection cover

Product Part Number:

product name:
Headlight protection cover

Product installation process and precautions:
Stick the 3M adhesive attached to this product to the headlights and goggles according to the instructions on the instructions, and then paste the two together to complete the installation

Product features and function description:
Sometimes the small stones brought up by the car in front will hit the headlights of your car during high-speed driving. Unfortunately, if the stones are larger in size, they may break the headlights. Repairing requires replacing the entire set of headlights at once. Hurt your wallet. Dimotiv specially tailors your car's headlight goggles to effectively protect the headlights of your car, allowing you to spend a small amount of money and save a lot of money!

Product color:
Transparent / Fluorescent Yellow / Fluorescent Green / Fluorescent Blue / Fluorescent Orange / Dark Red / Blackened

Applicable car models:
DRG 19-20

Made In Taiwan