DIMOTIV Engine Guard For XADV

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DIMOTIV's exclusive engine bumper for XADV can be installed directly without modification

Material: Made of SAE1008 low-carbon steel, and SAE1008 low-carbon steel is widely used in stamping-resistant parts and aircraft steel structures. It has excellent hardness, strength and wear resistance.

Protection: The air bridge design can evenly disperse the impact force, effectively protecting the engine parts of the car body from damage.

Outer coating: use powder coating.

Anti-rust treatment: fixed screw use-DACROTIZING is a kind of anti-corrosion coating with zinc powder, aluminum powder, chromic acid and deionized water as the main components. DACROTIZING has a wide range of applications, and it is used in the top cars. This kind of anti-rust treatment technology effectively prolongs the life of the installed accessories.

Color: Black

Applicable vehicle types: HONDA X-ADV 17-21

Made In Taiwan