DIMOTIV KYMCO AK550 headlight protector cover ( Advanced )

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Product number:

product name:
Headlight protective cover

Product Features:
Sometimes driving in high speed pebbles brought in the car will hit your car's headlamps, unfortunately, larger stones, then the word is likely to break the headlamps, repairs would have once the entire group of headlights replaced, quite Injury purse. DIMOTIV special tailor-made for your car headlight goggles to effectively protect the car's headlamps, allowing you to save money big money!

product's colour:
Transparent / fluorescent yellow / fluorescent green / fluorescent blue / fluorescent red / Blackened / dark red

Product installation process and precautions:

1. The 3M adhesive attached to the product in accordance with the instructions on the location of the label affixed to the headlamps and goggles, and then paste the two together to complete the installation
2. Please paste the original headlamps goggles appearance and DIMOTIV headlamp goggles inner surface wipe clean with oil to paste 3M adhesive
Note: After installation, please rest for more than 8 hours and then ride.

Applicable car models:


AK550 17