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Water tank net - the basic models (black aluminum frame)

Product Features and Function Description:
The cooling system is the key to maintaining the normal operation of all large heavy-duty locomotive engines. The cooling system is usually located at the rear of the front wheel. Once hit by large stones or foreign objects, the cooling system will rupture or be damaged, which will seriously affect the engine Cooling and operation, Dimotiv for the various models on the market models of water cooling and oil cooling system design protection network series, the frame made of aluminum alloy, mesh with aluminum mesh, mesh large area multi-hole design, does not affect the original A cooling function, the back of the contact with the tank with insulation sponge, can completely improve the water tank network due to shock and scratch the water tank outside the box to effectively protect the water tank to avoid damage to the water tank, in addition, DIMOTIV water tank Protection network is different from the general market water tank protection network, aluminum mesh to achieve protection and beauty, enhance individual knight style!

Product color:
Frame: black aluminum frame
Net: gold, gary, red, blue, silver, green, orange

Applicable car models:
X-ADV 17~21