DIMOTIV X-MAX 300 Brake Reservoir Cap

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Product number:

product name:
Brake Reservoir Cap (left and right sharing)
Price is two

Product installation process and precautions:
Step A: Remove the left and right cups with two screws and remove the oil cup cover. (This step should be careful to avoid the brake oil exudation).
Step B: DIMOTIV original oil cup cover installed in the original oil cup, lock back to the original screw can be.

Product features and characteristics:
Is there a black plastic cover? Do you want to make a different conversion? DIMOTIV 6061-T6 aluminum alloy as the main body, and after anodized, designed high-quality brake oil cup cover, black, gold, titanium color for you to choose three colors, so that your car moment to become everyone's attention!

Product color:
Gold / titanium / black

Applicable models:
X-MAX 300 17-