DIMOTIV Xciting S Headlight Protector Cover

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  • Xciting 400S 2018~


As always DIMOTIV pursue to stand out the crowd with innovative products and uncompromising technical offered for unbeatable performance.

DIMOTIV Headlight Protector feature an aggressive, sport-oriented statement design thinking about how to make your bike not only look unique but also well protected.

Our Protector had been assiduously researched, tested, engineered and stylishly designed to easily install in your bike, enhancing the appearance and safety without affecting original parts and handling characteristics, any drilling or cutting is necessarily, making as easier as possible to install.

The Light Protective Kit is made ABS plastic is an ideal material for structural applications when impact resistance, strength, and stiffness are required.

It helps protect against everyday road hazards that can damage and destroy your bike's very expensive lights, such as gravel, winter road salt/sand, bug stains, and road debris. If you don't want cracked or hazy lights, then you need DIMOTIV Headlight Protector.

Furthermore it adds a noticeable amount of a race class to your bike, but functions exceptionally well.