Ghost Factory Comfort Seat

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  • $150

  1. Genuine Manufacturing: Crafted with precision from original manufacturer seat bases, the Ghost Factory Anti-slip Seat Cushion ensures top-tier quality and compatibility with your scooter.

  2. Premium Material Options: Choose from two sophisticated exterior finishes to match your style:

    • Geometric Design Anti-slip Rubber Leather: This material offers excellent grip and water-resistant properties.
    • Luxurious Suede Finish: Offers a plush, high-quality texture for those who prefer a softer touch.
  3. Enhanced Comfort and Lowered Seat Height: Internally refined with meticulously adjusted foam to lower the seat height, providing improved ergonomics and comfort. Experience a seating solution that better fits and supports your body for long-lasting comfort.

  4. Made in Taiwan: 100% Proudly manufactured in Taiwan.

    Price is for a "complete" cushion