KOSO 58.5mm Ceramic Cylinder Kit

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Kit contents:
58.5mm Ceramic cylinder body*1
Cylinder upper gasket*1
Cylinder lower gasket*1
Piston ring*1
Piston pin*1
C-type ring*1
Internal chain tension air gasket*1

1. Ceramic electroplated cylinder has fast heat conduction, fast heat dissipation, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, light texture and improved performance.

2. The inner hole is precision honed to improve air tightness and durability.
3. Strengthen the water jacket design to reduce cylinder deformation.

4. Lightweight, high-strength forged piston.

5. High compression ratio piston design improves engine output.
6. Use 0.8mm low-tension piston rings to reduce friction loss and improve engine performance.

7. Lightweight piston tip reduces reciprocating properties and improves engine performance.
8. Composite material cylinder gasket is selected to ensure air tightness for long-term use.

Product Manual

Applicable to all YAMAH B8R series:
Cygnus Gryphus -125 2020~
ZUMA-125 2020~
(Cygnus Gryphus125/ZUMA 125 requires additional replacement of YAMAHA B8R 155cc fuel injector and camshaft,Installing this kit does not require replacing the throttle and ECU. Cygnus Gryphus125/ZUMA 125 are the same as the 155cc throttle and ECU)