KOSO Manifold Thermal Split Gasket YAMAHA

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Thermal insulation gaskets can effectively reduce the heat of the cylinder head, further reduce the intake air temperature, and improve the engine's working efficiency. At the same time, it can also lower the throttle temperature and further reduce parts aging.

The heat-insulating gasket using the "original" cylinder head reverse shunt design fits perfectly with the cylinder head inlet, allowing the gasket to be closely integrated with the cylinder head group to further optimize combustion efficiency and achieve a higher level of performance.

The installation position is between the throttle valve and the cylinder head air passage. After disassembly, replace the original gasket with the "KOSO Manifold Thermal Split Gasket" Please note that due to the length, you need to use the screws provided by KOSO.

Made in Taiwan

Model:Cygnus Gryphus 125 / X-FORCE / Zuma 2020/ Aerox 2021 / N-max 2022