KOSO Snake Blade LED Headlight For MMBCU

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Specifically Designed for MMBCU :
   Crafted exclusively for the MMBCU, this headlight kit brings a bold new look to your ride.

Inspired by the Serpent:
   Drawing on the imagery of a sleek, agile serpent, this headlight kit breaks free from the traditional design framework, introducing a fresh, alternative aesthetic.

Innovative and Unique Design:
   Completely reimagined from the ground up, the KOSO Snake Blade LED Headlight transforms the original look with cutting-edge creativity.

Integrated Daytime Running Lights (DRLs):
   Featuring an all-new integrated design, these headlights combine daytime running lights for enhanced visibility and energy efficiency.

Energy-Efficient and Bright:
   The energy-saving white LED lights deliver optimal brightness without being harsh on the eyes, perfectly blending technological sophistication with practical functionality.

White Light for Legal Compliance:
   The single-color white light complies with standard regulations, ensuring a comfortable and legal lighting experience.

Product Specifications:

White Single-Color Light:
 Provides consistent and clear illumination.

Direct Fit with original Mounting Points:
 Designed directly replace to the original, making installation quick and easy. Plug and PLAY.

Exclusive for MMBCU:
 Tailored specifically for the MMBCU model, ensuring a perfect fit and stunning appearance.

Transform your MMBCU with the KOSO MMBCU Snake Blade LED Headlight Kit. Experience the perfect combination of innovative design, energy efficiency, and bright, clear illumination. 

Made in Taiwan

Applicable models:
MMBCU 158 All Year