KYMCO Original Parts Chain Drive Kit KRV 180

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GH-2242- A0 Red
GH-2242- B0 Blue
GH-2242- C0 Gold
GH-2243-A0 Red
GH-2243-B0 Blue
GH-2243-C0 Gold
GH-2243-D0 Black
Chain specification
GH-2238-A0 Blue
GH-2238-B0 Gold

*KRV ceramic coating chain (GH-2238-A0/B0) is 82 mesh chain, the origina is 80 mesh chain*
*When installing 40T/42T chainring, please use it with 82 mesh chain (GH-2238-A0/B0) to ensure sufficient space for chain adjustment*

This kit does not fit the earlier belt version KRV.
If the earlier version of KRV needs to install this package
Need to replace the rear rocker arm and rear wheel frame with some small parts.

Made in Taiwan