KYMCO Original Parts Chain Drive Kit KRV 180

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GH-2242- A0 Red
GH-2242- B0 Blue
GH-2242- C0 Gold
GH-2243-A0 Red
GH-2243-B0 Blue
GH-2243-C0 Gold
GH-2243-D0 Black
Chain specification
GH-2238-A0 Blue
GH-2238-B0 Gold

*KRV ceramic coating chain (GH-2238-A0/B0) is 82 mesh chain, the origina is 80 mesh chain*
*When installing 40T/42T chainring, please use it with 82 mesh chain (GH-2238-A0/B0) to ensure sufficient space for chain adjustment*

Made in Taiwan