KYMCO Original Parts KRV Rear Carrier Ultra

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KYMCO Original Parts KRV Rear Carrier Ultra

Option Description Part number:
GH-2273-A0(only Bracket) 
GH-2274-A0(only Rear Carrier Plate)
GH-2275-A0(only Rear passenger backrest)
GH-2276-A0(Bracket)+(Rear carrier plate) with bolt and lower connecting rod
GH-2277-A0(Bracket)+(Rear passenger backrest)

Upgrade Your Ride with the KRV Ultra Aluminum Rear Rack

Experience a new level of convenience and style with the KRV Ultra Aluminum Rear Rack. Designed to provide exceptional support and functionality, this rear rack is perfect for riders who need a reliable and versatile solution for transporting their belongings, while adding a touch of elegance to their bikes.

Top-Quality Aluminum Construction

Made from high-grade aluminum alloy, the KRV Ultra Rear Rack is lightweight yet incredibly strong, ensuring long-lasting durability. Its rust-resistant properties make it perfect for all-weather use, keeping your bike looking fresh and new even in harsh conditions.

Ergonomic Design with Rear Handrail and Cargo Platform

The KRV Ultra Aluminum Rear Rack features an ergonomically designed rear handrail, providing additional support and safety for passengers. The integrated cargo platform offers ample space for your belongings, making it easier than ever to carry your essentials on your bike.

Easy Installation and Universal Fit

Designed with ease of installation in mind, the KRV Ultra Rear Rack can be effortlessly mounted onto KRV bikes, making it an ideal choice for KRV cyclist.

Made in Taiwan