MWUPP Phone GPS holder for Crossbar

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Product desciption:
MWUPP designed for the production of durable and reliable locomotive mobile navigation frame, the products are suitable for all kinds of motorcycles, stability shock resistance are better than ever. Ultra-high performance ratio, make good stand not expensive, Hot Offers riders.
"Product Features"
Many mobile phone holder motorcycle on the market, how to find a solid and durable machine between frame it?
Rider is still worried about the phone, as the shock and slide a tragedy?
This is a MWUPP design Kan Rushi mobile phone holder, the non-fixed pattern spring general market mobile phone holder
Each anchor is the use of metal, solid and super, super strong.
Welcome to visit YOUTUBE search MWUPP phone holder test.
This product has been used off-road motorcycles in the mountain field testing sturdiness and stability.
Specially designed plastic claws, make the phone more stable