OLD PIPE Design Rear Side Rack Extension Rack

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⚠️ This product requires Yamaha's ZUMA side bag bracket to be used and installed.(Suitable for two different years of brackets, 2020~2023 and 2024~Now)
⚠️The content of the product does not include the original side stand.
⚠️The price is only for one side, if you need to install both left and right sides, please place the order in quantity 2.

▲OLD PIPE Design▲
🔺 Adjustable
Designed adjustable rack!!!
Adjust the depth and width to accommodate different loads.

🔺 Foldable
The rack can be folded close to the vehicle when not in use, minimizing its impact.

🔺 Easy Assembly
Can be easily installed with just one tool!

🔸 U-shaped Rack
Suitable for loads with a width of up to 14cm.
🔸 L-shaped Rack
Suitable for loads with a width greater than 14cm.
(You can use U on one side and L on the other to accommodate more goods of different shapes)

✔️ QA
Q1: Does the vehicle require drilling?
A: No! The components installed on the vehicle are specially designed for the Yamaha's ZUMA side bag bracket.

Q2: Can only the original rear rack be used?
A: Yes!
Only For Yamaha original.

Q3: Can it be installed on both sides?
A: Yes! please place the order in quantity 2.

Q4: Can the side rack carry loads?
A: Yes! It is recommended to carry a load within 5 kg.

Price contents:
ZUMA connection kit*2, adjustable shaped Rack*2, stainless steel hook elastic rope*1

Material: The main body is made of 304 stainless steel, and the accessories are made of aluminum alloy.