RPM GII Hi/Low Adjustable Rear Shock Absorber for MAXSYM TL

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Shock absorbers, generally believed that the vibrations of the vehicle is mainly absorbed by shock absorbers, but it isn't. Vehicle travel on uneven road causing vibration and is absorbed by the springs, Springs also rebounded after the shock is absorbed, at this point shock absorbers is to control the rebound/compress speed of the springs. 

Product introduction:
Shock absorbers come with rebound adjustable, plus nitrogen reservoir with Hi/Low speed compression adjustment function, high speed is divided into 18 clicks each make preliminary adjustments, to adjust for the various road condition, and then 15 click to fine-tuned for the various road conditions, results comfort ride and better handling.

One year limited warranty except for man-made damage,

Made In Taiwan

order process:
After you place the order, someone will contact you to customize the options:

After you confirm the color and load, the factory will start assembly.
Ships in about two weeks.

This product is only suitable for connecting rods of the original length.
If you have modified the connecting rod above the shock absorber, it may be impossible to install.