RPM GII Rear shock for AK550

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The plug-in group has the function of high and low speed adjustable, and the two tops are the low-speed and high-speed adjustment positions. The high and low speed has 15 adjustment points, which can adjust the set value according to individual requirements.

Barrel body part of the classic design has been used, spring tray can be used with the box with a special adjustment tool included in the adjustment, according to personal weight requirements set the amount of preload adjustment.

Shock absorber on the seat with adjustable side adjustable twist, extension of the same part of the 28 section with the number of adjustable sections, the shock absorber on the seat can also increase or decrease the size of the owner with the owner, but the original factory Value set 355mm as the measured standard.

AK550 original shock absorber in the length of the set for the 345mm, and RPM GII H / L shock absorber can be adjusted 20mm range, so that the length of the shock absorber can be between 345mm ~ 365mm, but according to the RPM road measured results The original factory set to 355mm effect is most significant

Looking at the overall RPM GII H / L installed on the AK550 has a clear extra points effect, whether it is commuting in the urban areas or intense driving the mountain section, RPM GII H / L gives AK550 different dynamic performance, Although the overall shock absorber has a very good coordination, but in the extension of the side of the settings need to try to adjust, so that the horse's suspension adjustment more in line with personal needs, to create exclusive shock absorber style set! Also recommended AK550 riders more than a new modified parts selection.

After the purchase must provide  riders weight and needs to assemble the setting