ShiYea Air Intake Assembly Kits

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Increase the size of the throttle valve to increase air intake and suction volume
Acting on torque acceleration and throttle response

Original throttle valve, CYGNUS GRYPHUS and New Zuma is 28mm/ Froce2.0 and NMAX 30mm.

Kit contents:
1)Throttle valve: 30/32/34/36 mm.
2)Intake manifold.
3)Manifold bakelite: 3 size each one.
4)Intake duct: Diameter #36 Length 16cm.
5)Filter pipe: Original type 30→32 / Enlarged type 42→46. (gradually expand)
6)High-flow filter: Orange / Red.

High flow air filter:
Orange Applicable range: Original cylinder~162cc or less.
Red applicable scope: Cylinder modification 162cc and above.

Applicable vehicle types: CYGNUS GRYPHUS and New Zuma 125 / X-Force and NMAX155.

Made in Taiwan

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