Star Knight Add PASS Light Function Switch

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▶ Product introduction
Specially designed for the CYGNUS GRYPHUS of mold opening, the completeness is extremely high.
Solve the problem of no overtaking lights,

▶ Q&A frequently asked by car enthusiasts
Q: Why do I need to connect the brake sensor line?
A: Because the power of the brake sensor line is taken from the lock ACC power.
Therefore, when we design the product, we separate the PASS function line, so if the brake sensor line is not connected, this function will be lost.

▶ Product features and specifications
✅ Exclusive fighting CYGNUS GRYPHUS mold design
✅ Added PASS light function.
✅ Directly install the original left handle switch.
✅ Plug in and play without modification.
✅ DIY easy installation.

Made in Taiwan

Applicable models:

Cygnus Gryphus -125 2020~