Star Knight Front Panel With Positioning Lighting For KRV

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⚬ Applicable vehicle type: KRV.

⚬ Product features: 3D carbon fiber bite design, aerodynamic diversion shape, high impact resistance, UV resistance, increased appearance and texture.

⚬ Product version: Positioning lighting version/light color: (white, dark blue, purple, light blue, red, yellow)

⚬ No modification is required, just replace the original one, plug it in and run it, and the front trim cover can be installed directly.

⚬ A "special power cord" is included, which can be used to draw power directly from the headlight and plug it in for operation.

⚬ You can drill holes by yourself to place the dash cam lens. There is a guide hole inside. The size is about 28MM inside and 25MM outside.

[Notes/Shopping Instructions]

● Do not use high-pressure water jets for flushing, as this may cause product failure and void the warranty.

● The product does not come with a lens bracket and needs to be purchased separately; please evaluate whether the bracket is suitable before purchasing.

●Price includes panel and LED lighting components, and comes with all cables required for installation.

Warranty 3 months 

Made in Taiwan