TBSS New Maxsym 400 mobile phone holder Multi-function integrated system (PD4U)

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1:Base made in Taiwan
2:PD4U from Ram mount (Made in USA)
3:For MAXSYM 400 2021~Now
4:All prices include BASE.
5:Basic price includes:
Base + Link Backplane,PD4U is an additional purchase option.

Part#: RAM-HOL-PD4U Cradle Clamping Dimensions:
Height Range: 5.75"(14.6CM) - 7.25"(18.4CM)
Width Range: 2.625"(6.66CM) - 3.625"(9.20CM)
Max Depth: 0.72"(1.82CM)

If you want to connect the navigation device, you don't need PD4U, you can directly connect the navigation power supply backplane to the base.