TechPulley Flying Roller II for KRV 180

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Price is one set . Made in Taiwan
KYMCO  KRV 180 6pcs  -  FR1814 /6 (6G~15G)

If your pully plate is not original.
Please confirm whether the Roller size is
"Outer diameter 18, height 14mm" (If it is not this specification, it will not be applicable)

Because the KRV180 transmission system is a reverse roller design
Techpulley only has this FR1814 which is a reverse roller.
So except this one, no other Roller is suitable for KRV.

Applicable vehicle models KYMCO KRV180 All Model:

Belt version recommendations:
The original Roller is 11g.
If you like to start briskly, or if you weigh over 100KG, choose 11g.
If you like a solid thrust feel, choose 12g

Chain version suggestions:
Original Roller 10g.
If you feel the original engine RPM is too high, Roller recommends choosing 12g.
If original engine RPM can acceptable, choose 11g.