TechPulley CVT Torque Spring 250 300

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Xciting250 300
Kxct300 CT300
Citycom300 GTS250 300 ​
JOYMAX250 300
MAJESTY 250 (2000 -->)
XMAX250 <2017

Xciting300 Kxct300 DownTown350 Xciting400s
Citycom300 GTS300 ​
JOYMAX300 MaxSym400
⭕Kawasaki J300

⭕KYMCO Xciting400 DownTown350
⭕SYM MaxSym400 ←2020

Because the spring wire diameter is thicker
Original upper seat washer
If you can't plug it in, you don't need to install it
Made In Taiwan