Xilla Passenger Pedal Rear Extension Adapter KRV 180

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The position of the original spinning pedal is not well designed, it is too far forward, so that the driver's foot will collide with the rear seat's foot~

Only need to add Passenger Pedal Rear Extension Adapter to save the driver's calf! It can also greatly improve the pedaling comfort of the rear passengers!

🏆CNC cutting, precisely creating every detail and angle!

🏆Mist black texture anodized surface treatment, anti-sweat and corrosion-resistant

🏆The original spinning pedal can be used to install~

🏆 Increased passenger foot space! The posture of the passenger's feet can move more easily~

🏆Move back 2cm/outward 3cm, real car mold opening design test, accurate measurement of the best position

✅Applicable car models

➡️KYMCO KRV 180 (Chain Version)