YAMAHA Original 155cc Cylinder Upgrade Kit

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Kit contents:
YAMAHA 155 Original Cylinder body*1
YAMAHA Cylinder upper gasket*1
YAMAHA Cylinder lower gasket*1
YAMAHA Piston*1
YAMAHA Piston ring set*1
YAMAHA Piston pin*1
YAMAHA C-type ring*2
YAMAHA Internal chain tension air gasket*1

Applicable to all YAMAH B8R series:
Cygnus Gryphus -125 2020~
ZUMA-125 2020~

1)Cygnus Gryphus125/ZUMA 125 needs add replacement of YAMAHA B8R 155cc fuel injector and camshaft,

2)Upgrading this kit does not require replacing the throttle and ECU to operate normally.Because the throttle valve and ECU of the B8R 125CC model are common to 155CC, there is no need to replace them.

3)If you want better quality, please choose cylinders made in Taiwan.If you only use the cylinder as a consumable, please choose made in Indonesia.Both are manufactured to original YAMAHA standards, the difference lies in the place of production.
But the precision made in Taiwan is higher.