Yamaha Genuine Multi-function Stand With Adapter

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Multi-function stand BFV-QF837-00+Adapter BFV-QFADP-00
The adapter is used to connect the scooter body, which is a must-buy item.

The neat and integrated aluminum alloy material multi-functional bracket,
With patented magnetic quick release design

*High-strength magnetic quick-release design, stable and durable.
* Quickly replace various accessories according to riding needs.
*High-quality anti-scratch and fog-resistant black paint treatment to create a practical quality texture.
*If you need to expand the function, you need to use it with a hook (BFV-QF83A-00), a cup bag (BFV-QFBAG-00), a helmet lock (BFV-QF83B-00), and a maximum of two accessories can be installed.

Applicable models : X FORCE / BWS 2020~ / New CYGNUS GRYPHUS / Limi / VINOORA