Yamaha Genuine CYGNUS GRYPHUS Instrument protection sticker

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product features
It adopts 3M rhinoceros leather protective film series, which has high strength and high elasticity TPU composite self-healing coating.
1. Accidental scratch protection: It can easily prevent minor scratches and has a self-healing function.
2. Anti-corrosion and stains: It has corrosion-resistant properties and can effectively isolate pollutants, acid rain... and other chemical corrosion.
3. Anti-ultraviolet: Resist ultraviolet radiation and delay the fading of the instrument.
4. Low adhesive residue: Good viscosity ensures no edge warping after installation, and less adhesive residue when removed.
※This product is only suitable for TFT full-color smart meters, not UBS version LCD meters.

Applicable models: CYGNUS GRYPHUS