YAMAHA Original New ZUMA LED Fog Light Kit

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YAMAHA original new BWS (ZUMA) LED Fog Light Kit
Can be installed on ZUMA produced in 2020~2023 year.
Please watch the YMT official website for the appearance after installation.

LED Fog Light Kit includes:

H:The kit will come with an additional set of original 2P waterproof plugs for fog light cables.

The wire set must be made by yourself. The negative pole of the fog lamp is connected to the metal of the car body, the positive pole is connected to the switch and then connected to the ACC power supply.
-And you have to choose the switch form:
1: Install an independent fog light switch on the market to simplify the process.
2: Purchase a new original right handle switch with LED fog light. You must change the plug and find out the wiring of the LED fod light switch. If your electrician skills are not enough, it may cause difficulties in installation.