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Size: S, M, L, XL, XXL


● Asia's first top full carbon fiber can flip helmet

● aerospace composites manufacturing process, cap full carbon fiber material, high protection, ultra-lightweight.

● Event level by the European regulation ECE safety certification / Taiwanese CNS.

● patent level can flip mechanism, adjustable functional, give Knight more convenient.

● Built Patent grade lens shading mechanism, easy operation, effort and fast.

● PC lens material with high strength, high durability, not broken.

● outer lenses and lens shade can be concealed anti-UV400, protect the eyes and skin.

● lens waterproof tape high adhesion, can avoid rain water into the case generated.

● Setting the ventilation system and four of six airway pores lead into plenty of cool air flow, exhaust heat and moisture.

● five formula washable lining design, easy accessibility and fast, quality and use of health promotion lining.

● wicking fabric lining fabric selection and high air ventilation hollow elastic fabric and good wicking effect.

● cheeks ears lined with 3D cutting, multi-piece sponge covering properties make more obedient, Knight-speed riding more at ease.

● helmet windshield (chin cover) patented design that allows adjustment of the chin knight shield range.

● Configure recognized worldwide as the safest double D buckle, the Cavs more peace of mind control.

● full carbon version weight of about 1470 ± 50 grams (with lens)

● Size S, M, L, XL, XXL