(STAR KNIGHT) SHIELD DAY LIGHT FOR TMAX 530 2015-2016 Installation Reference


(STAR KNIGHT) SHIELD DAY LIGHT FOR TMAX 530 2015-2016 Installation Reference

This article is DIY installation instruction.
First, this is the appearance of the box.

After opening you will see this components
A:Shield light emitting body
B:Voltage controller
D:Light guide strips
E:Power cable

Before installing you must remove these button.
After releasing the button. Then remove the large shield.

And Remove the OEM small shield..This unit you must be especially careful to remove because it can be easily damaged.

Then use the same way to install a small shield from Star Knight(A:Shield light emitting body)

And then lock the light guide strips(C:Screw+D:Light guide strips)

Please find on the headlight wiring..and pull out.

Then the connection cable according to picture

Voltage control has covered 3M foam tape .. we recommend sticking to this position

Cable connection is completed, please turn on the power test ..
If OK ..Then install the big shield ..

OK...Now that you have completed all installation.
Then we to explain this kit of characteristic.

A:Waterproof is the basic condition.You do not need to worry about this
B:Line without any modifications. You can always return to the YAMAHA depot settings.
C:When the power is turned on .. you will find the lights turned on slowly.Voltage Control
D:Safer driving for obvious LED lights ..
E:One year warranty(Only TBSS)

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