Many customers have problems in installation.So we share the installation .OK..we open box start..  Here is the installation instructions on the box You can already see that this kit contains the following.  Front sprocket already assembled in factory (part: Please remove the original final drive agencyComprising OEM front and rear sprocket and belt driveThan following will start OVERTAKE installation method The sprocket into the original Peilin(Excessive force to may cause damage to Perlin. Please be careful) Please use soft hammer.Gently knock front sprocket.Remember apply some waterproof grease..will be easy. Front sprocket must be parallel with Peilin Next, put the chain on front sprocket.Start the...

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HI This article is DIY installation instruction.First, this is the appearance of the box. After opening you will see this componentsA:Shield light emitting bodyB:Voltage controllerC:ScrewD:Light guide stripsE:Power cableBefore installing you must remove these button.After releasing the button. Then remove the large shield.And Remove the OEM small shield..This unit you must be especially careful to remove because it can be easily damaged.Then use the same way to install a small shield from Star Knight(A:Shield light emitting body) And then lock the light guide strips(C:Screw+D:Light guide strips)Please find on the headlight wiring..and pull out.Then the connection cable according to pictureVoltage control has covered 3M foam tape...

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