(OVERTAKE)TMAX 530 CHAIN KIT 17/44 Installation Reference


(OVERTAKE)TMAX 530 CHAIN KIT 17/44 Installation Reference

Many customers have problems in installation.
So we share the installation .
OK..we open box start.
Here is the installation instructions on the box

You can already see that this kit contains the following.

Front sprocket already assembled in factory (part:

Please remove the original final drive agency
Comprising OEM front and rear sprocket and belt drive
Than following will start OVERTAKE installation method

The sprocket into the original Peilin(Excessive force to may cause damage to Perlin. Please be careful)
Please use soft hammer.Gently knock front sprocket.Remember apply some waterproof grease..will be easy.

Front sprocket must be parallel with Peilin

Next, put the chain on front sprocket.Start the installation on TMAX530.

Before installation remember to put a piece of cloth on the rear arm.
This prevents the surface scratches caused by the chain.

Next, install the part 10- Coller
This unit directly replace the original

This part 10-Coller have groove design.Groove surfaces must be oriented of the chain.
Purpose is to dodge the chain operation to hampered.
Make sure to replace this part..dont keep use OEM parts.

 Next, removing the original belt pulley..than put on part 2.

When installing please use screws glue.
Becuse here screws withstand big pull.
But do not worry.OverTake rear sprocket has a cushion design.

Rear sprocket lock on rear wheel .Spanner torque value 30Nm

Installation rear wheel on TMAX530 

First ,here you can put T sleeve rod to temporarily fixed rear wheel.
Becuse you must put rear caliper base .. and entering the chain into rear sprocket.

How the let chain put rear sprocket?
We have put T sleeve rod to temporarily fixed rear wheel..
So you just need put a part of the chain latch onto sprocket.then rotation of the rear wheel.Chain will successfully complete the installation.

Here Carefully fingers ..

Then Pull out T sleeve rod

Put in OEM Rear wheel axis.(Must have a helper hold the rear frame)

Then adjust the chain tension
If you have installed adjuster:Values between 20.5 to 21.5
If not..Press down the center of the chain.Sinking should not exceed 6 mm.But not less than 4 mm.

Trial operation:
Before you install on the oem cover.Please start the engine.Let rear wheel low r.p.m. operation..Then check Part 10 Coller Is there come into contact with chain or not.
If have 
contact.Please adjust the angle of Groove on Part 10 Coller.
Two Part 10 Coller all need check.Must make sure no any contact with chain.

When this check is completed .. lock all accessories.

Congratulations, you complete the installation ..

  • Remarks:
  • A:The pictures using the old chain.This kit In fact is black gold chain.
  • B:The new chain after driving 100KM .. must check the tension once again to adjustments.
  • C:Chain maintenance and cleaning must actually execute.This can greatly increase the useful life of the chain and sprocket.